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      1. Logistics

            According to the agreement between Nanjing International Exhibition Center and the organizers , the on-site service department of the NJIEC responsible for the transportation of the exhibition. The on-site service department provides related services such as pick-up, on-site handling and return shipping for exhibits. In order to ensure the smooth and orderly transportation of exhibits, please read the "Transport Guide" carefully and assist in the implementation.

        . Exhibitors arriving in advance to store the exhibitors in our central warehouse, please contact the warehousing and transportation team of the on-site service department directly.

        . Exhibitors who ship the exhibits to the venue  to go through the procedures for picking up the goods on behalf of the center. Please follow the instructions below:

        1. Consignee: on-site service department of Nanjing International Exhibition Center

        Address:No.88 LongPan Road, Nanjing

        Zip code: 210037

        Contact number: 86-025-86891048

        Fax: 86-025-86891065

        2. Immediately notify the on-site service department of the waybill number, number of pieces and weight after the exhibits are shipped.

        3. Please indicate "Exhibition" in the name column of the bill of lading, and indicate the name of the exhibition and the booth number of the exhibitor on the package of the exhibit.

        Ⅲ. the exhibit packaging should be strong and rainproof, and suitable for repeated handling. For exhibits of more than 3 tons, please indicate the center of gravity and lifting line.

        Ⅳ. transportation costs:

         1. Arrival withdrawal fee:

        (1), door to door to receive goods 5 yuan / piece (single item does not exceed 20 kg, more than part of the cumulative calculation)

        2. On-site handling of entrance and exit fees

        (1) Exhibits that need to be transported by forklift:

        a, 1-3 tons (including 3 tons) one way 60 yuan / cubic meter, two way 110 yuan / cubic meter;

        b. The price of exhibits and precision instruments and equipment of more than 3 tons is negotiable; (contact one day in advance);

        (3) Exhibits carried by the crane: the price is negotiable (need to contact one day in advance)

        (4) If the special exhibits are transported on site, a service order must be filled in, and the work can be completed after confirmation by both parties.

        3, warehousing: by volume, indoor 10 yuan / per cubic meter per day.

        4. Return shipment: The professional transportation unit entrusted by the center will charge according to the return mode of the customer, according to the standard freight rate of railway, highway, civil aviation and shipping industry.

        5, rental trolley: 40 yuan / vehicle. hours (deposit 400 yuan / vehicle) or ID card, driver's license and other valid documents.

        Contact us
        Nanjing International Exhibition Center
        Add:No.88 LongPan road, NangJing China
        Tel: 86-025-86891118
        Fax: 86-025-86891008
        Reservation: 86-025-86891051
        Conference: 86-025-86891083
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