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      1. 2019 Nanjing (International) Bath Health Industry Expo and Nanjing Bath Culture Festival will be held in September

        Published Date:2019-07-11

                On March 19th, 2019 Nanjing (International) Bath Health Industry Expo and Nanjing Bathing Culture Festival Investment Promotion Press Conference was held in Nanjing Central Hotel.

                The Expo is hosted by the China Business Federation, the China Business Federation Bathing Professional Committee, supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the Nanjing Municipal Government Exhibition Office. The Nanjing Bathing Association and the Nanjing Small and Medium Business Circulation Enterprise Service Center will host It was held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center from September 10th to 12th. With the goal of meeting the new needs of the people's good life, the Expo takes the structural reform of the supply side of the bathing industry as the main line, and promotes the deep integration of the health industry and the bathing industry with the theme of “new services, new experiences and new health”, and promotes the transformation and development of the bathing industry. The aim is to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese bathing industry and the development of the big health industry, and promote the internationalization of the Chinese bathing industry and the big health industry.

                The exhibition area of the Expo is 35,000 square meters and nearly 1,000 booths will cover the five major industries of hot springs, bathing, SPA, pedicure and pedicure. In addition to the traditional exhibitors in the bathing industry, it also introduces health, medical beauty and parent-child leisure for the industry. Exhibitors in the emerging fields such as chain restaurants, hotel chains, pensions, competitive sports, interactive games, and intelligent systems will not only highlight the global foresight and leadership in the exhibition, but also make breakthroughs in the intelligence of the office. Wisdom technology such as face recognition and intelligent participation navigation is integrated into the application of the guest registration, conference service, and information release.

                So far, the Expo has been attended by industry associations in Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Japan and other thousands of participating guests. The planned area of the booth is nearly half.

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